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Acer campestre

[gallery ids="2383,6370"]   A rounded, dense, slow growing tree with dark green leaves, turning yellow in the fall. The bark can develop interesting shallow ridges and furrows. Hedge maple is very tough and adaptable to poor soils and urban conditions. It is used frequently as a street tree. It is also known as Field Maple, and is...
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Abies nordmanniana

[gallery ids="9847"]   A slow growing, stately, symmetrical tree, with lustrous dark green needles. It is often branched to the ground. It prefers moist, well-drained soil, and will not tolerate drought. It is best suited for a northern climate, dislikes hot, dry summers. Often grown for Christmas trees. This conifer is native to Asia Minor and the...
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Berberis thunbergii ‘Golden Rocket’

[gallery ids="2781,2780,6687"] A columnar shrub with bright yellow foliage that doesn't burn in full sun. The new growth is chartreuse. It has coral colored stems. It is a tighter column than Sunjoy Gold Pillar. This makes a great accent plant in the garden. It will perform well in most soils, preferring one that is well-drained.  ...
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