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Vitex x ‘Bailtexone’ Flip Side®

[gallery ids="11198,11197"] A large shrub with grayish olive green leaves that are dusky purple on the lower surface. It is cloaked in 8 inch panicles of fragrant, deep purple flowers in late summer. It is a strong re-bloomer. Attracts pollinators....
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Vitex angus-castus ‘Shoal Creek’

A large shrub with dense clusters of fragrant flowers from mid-summer into fall. It has gray green palmate leaves, divided into slender leaflets. It thrives in head and is drought tolerant. Attracts butterflies. It prefers full sun and a well-drained soil....
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Vitex angus-castus ‘V07-SC-OP-4’ Pink Pinnacle™

[gallery ids="11199"] A pink flowered Vitex selection that is very well behaved in the landscape. It stays compact, rounded, and bushy. The blooms are long, pink spikes in late summer. An excellent addition to the shrub border for late season color....
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Salix alba ‘Niobe’

[gallery ids="11184"] A fast growing rounded tree with gracefully weeping, golden branches. The winter color of the youngest branches is bright and showy, even on dull, cloudy days. Glossy green leaves turn yellow in fall. It needs space to develop picturesque form. It looks stunning with its pendulous branches overhanging water. It prefers full sun, a...
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