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Acer ginnala (‘Betzam’) Beethoven™

[gallery ids="9886,2433,2435"]   A narrow columnar tree that is more refined than the species. It is very tightly branched with a straight central leader. Bright red samaras compliment the large dark green leaves. Fall color is gold to red. It is tolerant of a wide range of soil pH. Good street tree for under utility lines and...
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Acer ginnala ‘Flame’

[gallery ids="3549,5566"]   A small rounded tree or large shrub. Green summer foliage turns bright red in the fall. Flowers are very fragrant, appearing in the early spring. The samaras turn from reddish to brown. It is a vigorous grower that adapts well to a wide range of soils. Grown in a tree or multi-stem form....
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Acer x freemanii (‘Jeffersred’) Autumn Blaze®

[gallery ids="2423,6637,10541"]   This is a fast growing, upright oval maple. The rich green leaves change to bright orange-red (with white on the underside) in mid to late fall. It tolerates heat, drought, and other adverse soil conditions better than most Red Maples....
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Acer circinatum ‘Monroe’

[gallery ids="3547,6559"]   This is a selection with attractive, deeply divided leaves. It will form a shrubby tree that turns yellow to orange in the fall. The foliage creates a lacy effect that balances darker evergreen plants. It will take full sun, but performs best with some shade. It was discovered in Oregon by Warner Monroe, and...
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