Ulmus parvifolia ('Emer II') Allee® - Blue Heron Nursery

Ulmus parvifolia (‘Emer II’) Allee®

Allee® Lacebark Elm

An upright spreading tree with an outline similar to that of the American Elm. It is very resistant to Dutch Elm disease and elm leaf beetle. The bark exfoliates in puzzle-like patches, exposing various shades of gray, green and orange-brown. The glossy green summer foliage turns to soft yellow and orange in the fall. It grows best in full sun with a well-drained soil, and adapts to light shade and wet and dry sites. It is generally tolerant of urban conditions.

  • Common Name: Allee® Lacebark Elm
  • Height: 60' tall
  • Spread: 35' wide
  • Type: Deciduous
  • Zone: 5 - 9

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