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Pyracantha angustifolia (‘Gnozam’) Gnome

A rounded shrub with dense thorny branches. Blooms in the spring with clusters of fragrant white flowers that are followed in late summer by bright orange berries. Will take dry to medium soil and sun to part shade. It may be evergreen in mild winter climates....
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Ziziphus jujuba ‘Sherwood’

[gallery ids="10657"] The fruit of the Sherwood Jujube Tree is excellent tasting with a sweet apple-like flavor. The fruit is a large, oblong, shiny, reddish-brown date-like fruit. Like the other jujube varieties, it's drought tolerant, cold hardy, and is good for eating fresh or dried. Noted be less thorny than other varieties. Semi self-fruitful, it will...
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Zelkova sinica ‘Discoverer’

[gallery ids="10655"] Uniform habit and unique exfoliating bark that is multi-colored gray, brown and orange. The leaves are glossy green turning yellow brown in fall....
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Vaccinium ‘Sweetheart’

A blueberry that has heavy yields of large sweet berries in early summer, followed by a smaller, second crop in the fall. Self fertile, but has heavier yields with a pollinator....
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