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Dogwood Choices

Dogwood Choices Does your customer want to plant the Pacific Dogwood, Cornus nuttalli? Frequently, Cornus X Eddies White Wonder is planted as a substitute. If so, they must love the large creamy white bracts in spring and adding a native plant element to their landscape.  However, there are some other hybrids that may add those desired...
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Winter Color

When I visit the nursery on a dreary, foggy, winter’s day, I am amazed at the eye-catching appearance of some of the plants. Here are some ideas to brighten a landscape in winter. This week the Cornus sanguinea ‘Midwinter’ Fire in #5 containers glowed in the sun. The orangey-red tipped yellow stems would look great against...
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Heaths and Heathers

Calluna and Erica offer year round interest. During the winter, the foliage on many selections turns to bright colors. They are wonderful planted in mass, along with grasses, perennials or conifers. The flowers appear in different seasons, depending on the variety. In general, the secret to happy heather is good drainage, regular summer moisture,...
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Hamamelis: multi-season plants

Hamamelis is a genus of plants known for strap-like winter flowers and fall color. Many of the cultivars and species have fragrant flowers, a real treat on a dreary day in winter. The plants are relatively trouble free. They prefer a site that is well drained in full sun to part shade. Their preferred soil...
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