Koelreuteria paniculata ('Gocanzam') Golden Candle™ - Blue Heron Nursery

Koelreuteria paniculata (‘Gocanzam’) Golden Candle™

Golden Candle™ Goldenrain Tree

A very narrow tree that is perfect for tight spaces. It has large bright yellow flowers in the summer, followed by an inflated papery seed capsules. The green leaves turn bright gold in the fall. Performs well in most soils, as long as they are well-drained. It is heat and drought tolerant. It grows best in full sun. It was introduced by Lake County Nursery.

  • Common Name: Golden Candle™ Goldenrain Tree
  • Height: 35' tall
  • Spread: 4' wide
  • Type: Deciduous
  • Zone: 5 - 8

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